25,000+ Food Database with Nutritional Data & Barcodes

Food Database

Save hours of data entry and speed up your food nutritional related project by licensing our 25,000+ item food database. Featuring nutritional information for 10 key categories, perfect for your web project and mobile app.

Store Bought and Restaurant Foods
Our database features general foods that everyone eats. Some examples are: carrots, fish, eggs, apples and grapefruit. These general foods are not associated with a brand name. We also have store bought foods which includes brand names. Some examples are: Quaker Oatmeal, Diet Coke, Hot Pockets and Wonder Bread. Finally, we also feature restaurant and fast foods. Some examples are: McDonald's, Subway and Applebee's. And we have it divided into two categories,, so you can easily pick out the foods you need!